Some of the questionnaires and computer programs that we have developed for use in our research will also be suitable for deployment in a Consultancy context.

Commercial implementations of our questionnaires and computer programs will be made available to appropriate practitioners via our distributors.

Drawing upon our research methods and findings, we are developing systematic and flexible methods and instruments (including questionnaires and computer programs) for the elicitation, analysis and tracking of Telic constructs. Our methods and instruments will have potential applications across a broad range of contexts (for example, career planning, counselling, personal development, health programmes, business planning and project management).

When applied, these methods and instruments will effectively support:

  • A more coherent formulation of personal aspirations, attainments, problems and threats;
  • A more focused approach to the prioritisation of personal  goals and objectives;
  • A more appropriate approach to the selection of long-term projects, medium-term plans and day-to-day activities, that address these personal aspirations, attainments, problems, threats and goals;
  • A more balanced appraisal of the individual’s progress towards the attainment of aspirations, and the solution of problems;
  • A more comprehensive approach to reviewing the importance and relevance of existing aspirations and goals, plus the formulation of new aspirations and goals, whenever the individual feels that the motivational terrain has shifted or changed.


Commercial implementations of our methods and instruments will be made available to appropriate practitioners via our distributors.